Antique Rug “Dupes” For Less

Have you been introduced to Loloi’s collection of “Antique” rugs for less?? I recently purchased a beautiful rug from their Layla collection after seeing it all over Instagram, and you guys I’m obsessed.

I’ve heard of Loloi Rugs for some time now, you may know them as the makers of Joanna Gaine’s textile collection. I’ve always thought their products were absolutely stunning, but also a little spendy. Until today, friends.

I’ve rounded up 6 of Loloi’s fabulous “Antique” rug dupes for less. The two collections I sourced these rugs from range from a little under $100 upwards of $500. Personally, when it comes to investing in a rug, and I’m talking 8×10″ rugs, my comfort zone is spending under $300. I realize this is “inexpensive” as far as rug prices go in general, like I said it’s just my personal comfort zone.

A few things you should know about these beauties…

I purchased my Layla rug without really knowing much about it other than it was gorgeous, it was affordable, and it was the size I needed for our Guest Bedroom update. CLICK! My first impressions were that it was even more beautiful in person, that it almost looked like the design was “printed” on the rug versus having a pile. The rug itself was on the thinner side, but honestly for the quality, look, and price, it’s a small detail that can be remedied with a rug pad. This got me thinking, so I looked up the product details on Loloi’s site.

Timeless and classic, the Loren Collection offers vintage hand-knotted looks at an affordable price. Created in Turkey using the most advanced rug-making technology, these printed designs provide a textured effect by portraying every single individual knot on a soft polyester base.

Pulled from the product details for the Loren Collection

SOLD! I am a huge fan of getting a look for less, and the Loloi Layla and Loren collections certainly provide that. So with no further delay here are some of my faves…

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  1. LOLOI LAYLA RUG IN CHARCOAL/OLIVE – This is the rug I purchased and love it. The full size rug picture is a little misleading as far as it’s colors go, the zoomed in image does a better job of showing off it’s gorgeous color palette. It’s really the perfect piece for any room in the home.
  2. LOLOI LOREN RUG IN SILVER/SLATE I first saw this beauty in my friend @jaci.daily ‘s master bedroom. It’s the perfect neutral rug from a far, and unclose offers beautiful details and the slightest pop of color around the edge.
  3. LOLOI LOREN RUG IN TERRACOTTA/SKY – This rug caught my eye because it’s so hard to find a vintage “dupe” rug with this color palette! I absolutely love the terra-cotta tones and the vintage textures throughout.
  4. LOLOI LAYLA RUG IN TAUPE/STONE – I’m obsessed with this rug’s design details. It’s the perfect neutral color palette with feminine details mixed in to the design.
  5. LOLOI LOREN RUG IN SLATE – Give me all the blue hues! This beauty would have been another great option in Finn’s Nursery.
  6. LOLOI LOREN RUG IN SPICE/MARINE – This beautiful design caught my eye because much like my 3rd selection, it can super difficult to find an “antique” inspired rug with a red color palette that still looks “effortless” if you know what I mean..

And that’s a wrap! Happy shopping friends,