THE BEST OF Blue Paint Hues

Giving the “blues” a run for their money…

Blue hues are one of my favorite tones to incorporate into a room’s design. They are just so versatile! Whether it be painting your walls, cabinets, or even a piece of furniture, we swear by these beautiful blue hues.

A couple rules of thumb when it comes to selecting a paint color…

  • Sample, Sample, Sample…. A room’s lighting can be tricky, and is 100% unique to every space. Why is this important? Because your room’s lighting will determine how your paint color will look. I suggest picking three different hues you like, and painting them on your wall, maybe even every wall in the room! Then step back and let it linger for a few days, checking in on the colors at different times of day is also a helpful trick to finding the “right” color for your space.
  • Name-Brand-No-More…. I LOVE Benjamin Moore colors, but I do not love the uncharge for the brand name. Also the $9 they charge for a sample can add up to small fortune really quickly when trying to find the right paint color for your space. A little trick of the the trade is that if you find a name brand color you love, no matter who it’s by, bring it into your big box store like Lowes or Home Depot. They can (most of the time) match the brand name color in their system, which will save you a pretty penny.
  • Reduce the tint Did you know you can request MOST paint retailers to reduce the intensity of a paint color pigment by a percentage? You sure can! For instance, you love a color but feel like it’s just a bit too dark, ask them to make you a sample thats 25% lighter. Sometimes thats all it takes! Do be aware that in some cases, especially when reducing a brand name color not at a brand name store, it can alter the color itself.

Happy painting friends,