Weekend Mudroom Makeover

Sponsored by Sherwin Williams


We needed to add a custom touch to this builder grade space, affordably, and with a quick turn-around for the holidays….. PAINT TO THE RESCUE!

We tackled this project with help from our friends at Sherwin Williams and their Emerald Paint Line. Ultimately we decided to go with their Ripe Olive color in a Satin Finish.

This is a before look at the space. It was essentially a “basic” builder grade Mud Room with an added built in bench feature.

Before we painted, we decided to custom cut some Beadboard sheets to add texture to the walls and elevate the overall look. Beadboard comes in sheets and is relatively inexpensive, so it makes a great addition to any space.

This is a closer look at the subtle texture of the beadboard. All we did was cut it to size to fit around the existing trim work, add wood adhesive to the back, and then use finishing nails to nail it into the studs in the wall.

The next step, and arguably the most time consuming was caulking. Once we had caulked all of the seems between the beadboard, existing trim, added finishing trim on top of the headboard, etc. we let is dry overnight. Then it was time to get painting.

In addition to adding the headboard and gorgeous new Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive Paint color, we continued the white paint shown in our adjoining kitchen into the Mud Room above the new 3/4 breadboard wall.

Full transparency, I usually am a bargain paint buyer. Meaning, I color match for more economical paint lines. Or only buy when there’s a promotion. But truly, our experience with Sherwin’s Emerald line was phenomenal. (UPDATE – 6 months later with heavy wear and we have ZERO nicks or scratches on our around our mudroom walls or bench!) No joke, I have never used a paint that went on like butter, and covered so well! Not to mention the durability.

In the end, we started with a gallon of paint and probably only used 1/4 of it. THATS HOW WELL IT COVERS! You guys I’m telling you.

And here was our finished product!

Just stunning, and we could not be happier with the process and the overall quality of the paint in this high space! I hope you enjoyed this easy-peezy and affordable weekend project!