Guest Bedroom Refresh

Welcome Back!

I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of our “guest bedroom refresh” with you over the last few weeks, and ya’ll have been loving it so far! Woohoo! Even though we have a little more to go to finish the room’s design up, I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer to share some sources!

My vision

My vision for the space was pretty straight forward, I wanted to keep it light, bright, and clean while making it feel warm and welcoming. Easy right?! I had a few existing pieces to work with like the bed and bedding. From there I knew I wanted to do a subtle wallpaper treatment to create a feature wall. I choose this amazing embossed & paintable wallpaper from one of my favorite small shops, and off we went! ( DIY Wallpaper Installation Tutorial coming soon)


Unfortunately the bedding we used in the space has been discontinued ): It was apart of the Nate Berkhus for Target line that i purchased about a year ago, I absolutely love it so I wish i could share it with you! None the less, Hearth & Hand has some beautiful alternate options I’ve included for you to check out.

ceiling fan

I’ll be the first to say that if given the choice of a ceiling fan, or no ceiling fan, I’d choose none. BUT not in this case. I found a super chic, ceiling fan for the space that would look amazing in any room! Affordable too!

stay tuned for more to come…