Ask A Design Question


Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will receive a basic Design Questionnaire to your email ( connected to your account) within 24 hours.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, and have submitted a photo/s of your space, it takes approx. 1-2 weeks for you to receive your mock-up and product list.

Please see more details below



Service DOES Include…

  • One-on-one email correspondence regarding your specific design need.
  • Specific suggestions to help resolve your design need.
  • Personalized product links and a basic design mock-up.

Service Does NOT Include…

  • This service is not intended to help style large portions of a room, nor is it intended as a full virtual design service.
  •  A 3-D rendering of your space
  •  This service is not intended to help client’s source furniture for a room. Rather it CAN be used to help style one to two pieces of accent furniture in a space.
    • For example, you need help styling your foyer console table, this would be an appropriate Design Question.
  •   This service is not intended for more than one design questio

Please Keep In Mind…

  • The product list and mock up provided as a result of this service can be used exactly as it is delivered, or  as a guideline for you to reference when sourcing your own products.
    • For example, you really love the accent pieces provided in your product list, but you stopped into “Homegoods” and found some similar items at half the cost. We say” go for it!” This is a great opportunity to “flex” your design muscles.
  • If upon receipt of your questionnaire and photos, we feel your needs / question is outside the scope of this service, we reserve the right to suggest other more appropriate services available. If the client is not in agreement, we further reserve the right to decline service and would refund the client’s service fee’s in full prior to any service delivery being carried out.

Due to the nature of the virtually delivery, this service is non-refundable