Finn’s Birthday Suprise Room Makeover

We can’t even believe our littlest guy is turning TWO next week…

It could be that the first year of his life was filled with moving and relocating and all sorts of big events, and then the second year of his life has mostly been filled with a global pandemic! (Didn’t see that one coming, that’s for sure.) HA! Needless to say we’ve been lucky this last year especially because we’ve had so much extra one-on-one time with our littlest big boy, and man are things just starting to get fun.

I realize that I might be the minority here when I say this, but the 2-3 year age range has always been my favorite. Infants, not so much. So we’re soaking in every moment we can for the foreseeable future with our Finley James.

This year for his birthday, due to the ongoing circumstances of the previously mentioned global pandemic we’ve decided to do a fun “Go-Go” Room Makeover filled with all of Finn’s favorite things. Over the last week I’ve shared snapshots in Insta Stories of the progress we’ve made with the board and batten trim work on the walls, and the decor and textiles that have rolled in. SO today I am sharing the design board I pulled together to create the vision we have for his room, as well as product links!


Author: Maggie Price

I’m Maggie, a 30-something Wife, Mama, Designer, and self-proclaimed homebody. I’m most passionate about my family, finding beauty in the little things, embracing humor in the everyday, and am a firm believer there really is no place like home…

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