Making BLACK Walls Work

I absolutely LOVE the use of dark colors on the wall in a room design. With that being said, it has to be done the right way. Recently I was inspired by a few Insta friends to share the L O O K.

There are a few easy ways to use black paint on your walls, and do it in a way that isn’t overwhelming. I think it’s a really great choice to make any ordinary room more dramatic + cozy!


1.Paint an accent wall black… I absolutely LOVE this dinning space from Deb of @Seekinglavenderlane. Not only does it add another layer of dimension to the room’s design, but it makes that beautiful porcelain plate display look even more lovely, if that’s even possible!


ORC-Reveal-132. Break it up… Another great and easy way to use black paint on your walls ( or really any dark color for that matter) is to break it up by using it on half of your wall as shown below. You can raise your chair rail to add in another layer of interest. Erin of @suburbanbitches did this room right when she designed it, thats for sure!


3. Add shiplap… I mean it probably goes without being said, but when in doubt add SHIPLAP! Ha! In this beautiful bathroom they combined two techniques, breaking it up and adding another layer of dimension. Both of which work wonderfully!


Lastly, don’t let paint intimidate you. After all, if it doesn’t work it’s an easy fix!! You’ve got this.

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