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Welcome to H U N T  &  G A T H E R. I’m so excited you’re here! G O S H, what an exciting adventure this has become. H & G started as a way for us to infuse some balance into our otherwise crazy life. Makes sense right, why not throw another iron in the fire? The truth is between our roles as a parents, spouses, and entrepreneurs  there isn’t much “us” time. Well, none at all.

I’ve always been a super creative person, which has come out in different ways over the years. Whether it be painting, pottery, photography, DIY projects or decorating my home if there’s a will there’s a way! My better half, Kyle, has also been a very hands on person spending many Summers growing up helping his family build and renovate custom homes.

About a year an a half ago our family relocated to the East Coast from the Midwest. Being born and raised in Minnesota, this was a super fun and exciting adventure, yet T E R R I F Y I N G with 6 month old twins! Well, we made it and we absolutely love it! With the move we went from being home owners to renters again, and for someone who is home O B S E S S E D it’s been a challenge, to say the least. SO I decided to stop sulking about it and instead take back some control and focus my creative energy on new projects. Right then and there H & G was born! Tah-Dah!

In a world where we are on the go go go, and aren’t always encouraged to fully embrace who we are, the good and the bad I am taking this opportunity to do more of what I love. Follow along as I dream up and drool over beautiful modern farmhouse designs, decor, and trouble shoot our way through fun DIY projects!

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